Marvel Goes Girly

Way back before we moved to Saudi, I found this awesome cotton fabric at Joann’s:

Marvel Retro Smashing

Marvel Retro Smashing

As soon as my daughter saw it she was in love.  With it being a bit of a heavy cotton I had no idea what to do with it, so I just bought a couple of yards and held on to it until inspiration struck.  Finally, after at least five months of it sitting around, I decided it would have to be a skirt.  There was no other option, a dress wouldn’t drape at all, a pillow would get ruined in about two nights, and I don’t have a clue how to make a pair of shorts using only a serger.

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that earlier…when we moved we packed light.  As in only one-two suitcases per person.  So, there I was with two yards of fabric, a zipper, and a serger that I bought after about five minutes of living here.  A bit of brainstorming, lots of horrible drawing, and a few measurements later, I cut into the only Marvel fabric in the country.  Somehow, I ended up with a skirt I am incredibly proud of.  A cute little waistband, a zipper, and pleats for movement!

I am outrageously proud of this whole situation happening right here:  a waistband and pleat!

I am outrageously proud of this whole situation happening right here: a waistband and pleat!

americankat hero kids

My son as Captain America, and my daughter as "Thor's daughter"

My son as Captain America, and my daughter as “Thor’s daughter”


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This is what all the cool kids are doing, right?

Honestly, I’ve tried starting at least 4 blogs at this point.  I have a feeling this will be the one that sticks.

Two months ago I found myself living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  With an origination point of good ol’ North Carolina, USA, Saudi Arabia is quite the change.  Back in NC I had a photography business, incredible friends, a knack for thrifty shopping,all kinds of hobbies, and two kids to (over)fill my time.  Now, I still have the kids, and I still love everything else I mentioned above, but there is one huge difference here…I can’t drive.  Not in a “I should really get my KSA driver’s license so I can drive” way, but a “women are not legally allowed to drive in this country” way.  For the first time in years, I am stuck at home all day long.  No running out to the fabric store to grab a random pack of buttons, or running to Wal-Mart to pick up a bag of chips and mascara, or even running out to Target to buy “shampoo”.

This leaves me with all kinds of free time.  The kids and I spend up to two hours a day at the park, every day!  I find myself cooking and cleaning more than I have ever had a chance to do in my life.  After all that, I still have an hour plus everyday just watching the clock…enter this blog.

An American Kat in Jeddah is my way to keep my sanity.  A place to share recipes, artsy-craftsy projects, the awesomeness of my kids, and some of our Jeddah adventures.

Here’s to the future!


American Kat